July 20, 1969 – Dreams

I fear for the future of this country. Today, I wished we would have taken the time to acknowledge the anniversary of man first landing on the moon. However, there are more urgent stories in the news that do warrant the appropriate amount of coverage. Yet, I cannot help but feel that remembering the time when man reached for the heavens and landed on a celestial body would register much in today’s society.

Why do I think this? I could go on a long diatribe over the obsession of this country with the most mundane, banal & instantly gratifying of things.  However, I will allow Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, one of our very few public intellectuals in this country, explain that wondrous day and sadly, the failures of our country thereafter to take the torch & work towards advancing our country (our world) into the future.


I for one refuse to stop dreaming, and implore all of us not to  forgo our future by obsessing about today.




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